Hey, It’s me, Maaaario. As some of you know I’m in England and for some time I’ve wanted to write one review in English. I’m gonna do it and nobody will stop me MUAHAH… Nah, sorry if my writing is not as good as you expected, but first time doing this thing. Let’s start!

Today I’m here to tell you something in a nearer tone. The jokes will rest in the other room just for one review, just to try to talk more serious. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not this kind of person, but the situation requires it. -Strange thing, trying to write in English while I’m not making jokes. Am I the same person?-

Elephant is a film about a flying little elephant called Dumbo…. Shit, I said no jokes!, I’m a lier. I promise you, no funny coment from now on.

As I was saying, Dumbo just wanted to fly… Oh… Wait…


Seriously, Elephant isn’t one more film in the list; it isn’t a film you would forget in a few days while you were sitting in the cinema waiting for the next summer blockbuster; not to mention it isn’t one tragedy more.

Elephant is an experience, talking inside and outside the cinematographic field. I do encorauge you to read this review more than others. I know it isn’t a famous film but if you, reader, gave me a few minutes to explain it, I would be able to discover you a jewel you will always remember.

We’re in front of a tough story. Indeed, true story. I’m talking about the Columbine high school massacreDon’t be shy, click the link and learn more about it. This event took place in 1999 when 2 adolescents came into the Columbine highschool and started a gunfire. The reasons? Several answers for this simple question, however this film is not going to give us this answer, or at least, it isn’t the aim.

We’re dealing with 81 minutes of pure and simply life. Life represented in a minimalist way achieving a thing not many films have represented in the screen in a proper way. I’m talking about having respect towards life, that every single human being matters.

Resultado de imagen de elephant pelicula personajes

Elephant isn’t a one-main-character film, otherwise different students are filmed during one day in their highschool. There aren’t big achievements or spectacular moments, just a normal day. However, is your day-to-day like a Hollywood movie? Don’t lie, in our life most of the days at school/highschool/uni are normal. Just and simply routine.

Gus Van Sant knows it, and this is why this story is like that. Long sequence shots following the students during their tasks, with no special effects, no beatiful ways of filming or stuff like that. Thanks to it, we can emphatize with them.

The first 60 minutes act as a filter, dividing the viewers into 2 groups. The ones expected a different kind of film and stopped watching -Lucky if they arrive at this point- and the ones that wanted to know more.

As you know, I was in the second group, if not this review wouldn’t make sense. In the final stages of Elephant we witness the massacre and the shooting. From here we’re in the point of view of the killers and the horrible things that they do, and I have to say that it isn’t an easy view.

Concluding this, I hope somebody who has read this text see the movie. I know that if you are not used to this kind of movies, it can be difficult, but trust me, give Elephant a chance, you won’t regret it.

MARK: 8.5


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